“TURAS" is the acronym for the EU funded project ‘Transitioning towards Urban Resilience and Sustainability’. TURAS is also the Gaelic word for ‘journey’. From 2011 to 2016, TURAS brought 29 partners on a journey of exploration and renewal, a re-examination of how we build resilience in our cities, towns and neighbourhoods. This journey, summarised in our final video, brought together communities and neighbourhoods with academic researchers, local authorities, and SMEs to research, develop, demonstrate and disseminate strategies and scenarios to enable European cities and their rural interfaces to transition towards vitally-needed resilience. We invite you to explore our rich catalogue of results and to build on our experience as part of your own journey towards a more resilient urban environment.

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In June 2017, the TURAS team launched a new project funded under Horizon 2020. The Connecting Nature project is working with 11 European cities who are investing in multi–million euro large scale implementation of nature–based solution projects in urban settings. Connecting Nature will measure the impact of these initiatives on climate change adaptation, health and well-being, social cohesion and sustainable economic development in these cities. Innovative actions to foster the start-up and growth of commercial and social enterprises active in producing nature-based solutions and products will also be an integral part of our work.


33 practical analytical toolkits, process methodologies, community engagement tools and implementation guidelines to help cities respond to a broad range of urban challenges from climate change adaptation through flood management and green infrastructure toolkits to urban sprawl monitoring guidelines to deal with unprecedented urban growth


10 Integrated Transition Projects or ‘Topic-specific’ strategies combine a number of individual TURAS tools in an integrated cross-disciplinary approach to dealing with large scale urban challenges.


The 33 TURAS Pilots are exemplary projects that have been implemented in participating TURAS urban regions. The TURAS Pilots describe details of obstacles faced by stakeholders in implementing solutions, resources required, key achievements and insightful testimonials from individual stakeholders.


The 10 Place Based Strategies presents the experience and lessons learned from 10 TURAS urban regions as they embarked on their TURAS journey combining, adapting, implementing and testing TURAS tools as part of the development and implementation of their own Integrated Transition Strategy.