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Sustainable Building Challenge: a competition for shopping centres

Update: the winners have been rewarded!

September 7, 2017

The winning shopping centres are (dedicated leaflets present each winner):

The three projects adopted sustainability principles in refurbishment in a varied and innovative way using different assessment schemes (Breeam, Leed and Protocollo Itaca).

The SBChallenge competition was managed by iiSBE, the International Initiative for a Sustainable Built Environment, through its European chapter iiSBE Italia.


The CommONEnergy Sustainable Building Challenge is a competition for renovated high performance shopping centres. The objective is to identify and award the European best practices for retrofitted shopping centres to provide examples useful for future renovations, targeted to improve the sustainability of retail buildings. The SBChallenge competition is managed by iiSBE, the International Initiative for a Sustainable Built Environment, through its European chapter iiSBE Italia. iiSBE organised similar events since 1998 in the context of the Sustainable Building world conferences co-hosted with UNEP, CIB and FIDIC. The competition will be supported by CESBA (Common European Sustainable Built Environment Assessment), the European initiative for the harmonization of building assessment systems in Europe.

The CommONEnergy SBChallenge will award the two most sustainable and energy efficient buildings as Best Sustainable Shopping Centres. The competition is addressed to recently renovated shopping centres, assessed with a recognised sustainability protocol. The competition is articulated in two categories:

• Iper: buildings with a gross area > 5.000 m2

• Super: buildings with a gross area between 500 m2 and 5.000 m2

How to participate

To enter the competition, fill out the SBChallenge Project Datasheet, including the CommONEnergy Performance Card. This describes the building’s performance with regards to 6 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The indicators have been selected from the CESBA European KPIs (European Passport). All participants have to provide the Performance Card assessing the value of the 6 KPIs on the base of the building’s actual (and/or simulated) performance. The Performance Card will allow to compare the performances achieved by the shopping centres participating to the competition.

Practical information

• All requested information (baseline and KPI) is provided through the Datasheet;

• The Datasheet includes instructions for KPI calculation and provides the automatic assessment of PEnr and GWP;

• If both actual and simulated data are available, please provide the Datasheet twice, once for each information set;

• The Assessment Report shall summarise in a few pages the performances evaluated by the assessment system used and the results. Any existing such document can be submitted;

• Submit your Datasheet and Assessment Report as attachments via email to sbchallenge@iisbeitalia.org

The SBChallenge Jury will identify and award a winner for each of the two categories. All shortlisted projects will be presented in the Final Conference, September 7, 2017 in Brussels

The two winners will also be presented at the high-level event WSBE17 Hong Kong, 5-7 June 2017. A publication presenting the best cases will finally be prepared and disseminated in Europe to showcase good practices.

Questions? Contact sbchallenge@iisbeitalia.org