Medium_03_picture_contact_person_silvia_weidenbacher_-_kopie From Green to Pink - Green Living Room Bursts into Bloom

26 Jun 13:06

Silvia Weidenbacher

Welcoming atmosphere attracts passers-by to take a relaxing rest and enjoy this vertical garden

.Green Living Room in Bloom

The Helix-Team took some amazing snapshots at the end of May while they were maintaining the green living room in Ludwigsburg: the different Cranesbill species compete with each other for the beauty award. The welcoming atmosphere attracts passers-by to take a relaxing rest and to enjoy staying in this vertical garden. Sitting here under the green roof of the Plane trees and listening to the bees humming around is a perfect short break from everyday life and the busy city surrounding the place.

The Green living room in the city of Ludwigsburg is the demonstration site for a mitigation measure that is part of an urban climate comfort zones concept. Ideally it serves multiple functions (ecosystem services) within a green infrastructure concept. This pilot project was originally coined a “Green Wall” but it was transformed for many reasons into a free standing three dimensional structure that is now labelled as a “Green Living Room”. It was implemented in April 2014.

In its second year the green living room shows an interesting pattern of plants. Some – like the Cranesbills – grow astonishingly well, others are more reluctant. It turned out that the Thyme plants had been irrigated too well in the beginning and didn’t survive Winter – as a Mediterranean species they prefer dry soil. They had to be replanted and the irrigation system was adapted to their needs. The green living room hosts around 30 different plant species. Through the ongoing monitoring of the site, experience about the special demands of different plants and their adaption abilities will be gained in order to constantly improve the green wall system and to adapt it to its respective locations.

The living plants seem to have a positive effect on the users. The city of Ludwigsburg observed almost no vandalism or littering at the green living room site. It turns out that the citizens appreciate and respect it very much.

The next fantastic phase for plant lovers following the Cranesbills is the Lavender bloom. On the front side of the green living room the wall is low and planted with white and blue Lavender so that people can touch the flowers and release the intense fragrance. Thus the green living green stimulates nearly all human senses and proves to be even more than we expected from an urban climate comfort zone.

We invite you to have a look at our YouTube Video, which illustrates the multifunctional benefits of greening installations in our cities.