Medium_io TURAS at XIX Italian ASITA Conference

06 Aug 16:37

Laura Berardi

The TURAS outcomes about the Green Infrastructure at ASITA Conference 2015

The XIX Italian ASITA Conference will be held on September 29th – 30th and October 1st 2015 in Lecco, Italy.

ASITA is the Italian Federation of Scientific Associations for Territorial and Environmental Information for the purpose of:
- playing a role in connection between the associations and institutions developing and suggesting solutions to problems of general interest, emphasizing the specific competencies of federated associations and promoting joint initiatives;
- promoting cultural exchanges between members of the different associations, organizing the annual National Conference and / or events with the participation of two or more associations;
- disseminating topics related to record, representation, analysis and management of geographic, territorial and environmental information, through courses, seminars, workshops by publishing information and scientific materials;
- supporting scientific research in topics of competence, creating specific working groups.
Among members of the federated associations: Central and Local Authorities, Industries, Researchers, Professionals and Students.

This year among the Conference topics stand out: Smart cities, sustainable development and support on territorial planning policies of Public Administrations.
For this reason last months I submitted the abstract, in Italian language, “Infrastrutture Verdi Urbane: fra sostenibilità ed INSPIRE" to the call for paper of the Conference.
I thought it will be a good opportunity for TURAS project be present at this important annual event nationwide, by presenting the outcomes of WP2 about the “green infrastructure” theme.
The submitted abstract has been evaluated and accepted by the Scientific Committee and it will be presented on the afternoon of next September 30th during the Conference by myself. The paper will be also published in the Conference Proceedings.
Further updates on the Conference developments will be published.