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22 Sep 08:43

Aoife Corcoran

Second event from ReusingDublin team, the Re"Walking" tour Dublin explores underused spaces in the north side of the city centre.

How did we not notice this one? At the gates to Aldborough House on Portland Row.

After our Re“cycling” event, where lots of people joined us for a cycle to discover underused spaces in Dublin, it was time for a second event: Re“walking” Dublin. The team felt bicycles may intimidate people that are not comfortable about cycling in the city centre and therefore this time we decided to host a “walking tour”, where people could come, bring the family and enjoy a Saturday afternoon walking through the city centre.
The idea behind Re“walking” Dublin was to show people a different city, by going through the sites already known by the team as underused, derelict or vacant. Different from the first event where the focus was to find more disused sites, this event wanted to show people the amount of these kind of sites that we pass by every day usually without even noticing!
Our “tour” started at O`Connell Street, in front of the well known but now vacant building of Clerys. We divided the participants into two groups, each led by one member of the ReusingDublin team, with the well-known blue t-shirt. Both groups would walk through the North side of the city, one group heading East and the other West. There was a quick explanation about Reusing Dublin and the aims of the event, and we were ready to go…
We don’t think parking is the biggest problem this building has! derelict mews site to the rear of Mountjoy Square
Each route had several stops to visit the underused spaces already identified. Some places generated more interest than others, however we did notice that the more information we knew about the places, the better.
After about 90 minutes of walking through known streets such as Abbey Street, the Quays, North Circular Road, North Frederick Street, we finished our tours with a coffee at a local pub, where the two groups joined and people got the opportunity to talk and learn more about the other participants and the places they visited.
For ReusingDublin the event was a great success, firstly because we had different people participating than from the first event, hence more people are learning about ReusingDublin. Secondly, because we noticed that the participants wanted to know more information regarding the owners of the different sites and what were the future plans for the sites. This is what the ReusingDublin project aims to achieve, to engage people in discussion about and question why there are underused and vacant places, why are there so many derelict houses, why are people not using their flat roofs, and then to start thinking: which reuses do I think would be nice here?
Aoife and Daniel not quit sure of Lori’s suggestion of a Dublin theme park for Jervis Street.
Former 5 star Ormond hotel accommodation in Dublin located close to Dublin City Council Ormond Quay

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