Medium_smile_321 Doing things differently: the TURAS approach to urban resilience & sustainability

22 Sep 17:02

Siobhan McQuaid

After four years working together, on 7th Oct in Malaga, local authorities from across Europe present the first emerging results...

Since October 2011, ten local authorities have been working in a novel bottom up way with academic research institutes and SMEs to address major resilience challenges faced in each city. At a recent meeting of these local authorities they described the TURAS approach as “Doing things differently…”. The research undertaken in TURAS has been highly customised to local needs and the emphasis of the last two years of TURAS is firmly on how research results can be ‘operationalised’ or integrated into local authority planning strategies and operations.
On 7th October, at the Green Cities event in Malaga, Promalaga has organised a first showcase of the integrated transition strategies emerging from this work starting with a presentation of what has been happening locally in Malaga. The real-life experience of local authorities from Brussels, London and Rome will be presented in a local authority roundtable.
This will be followed by an SME roundtable where a number of SMEs (both start ups emerging from TURAS and well established companies) will explain how they help to make TURAS results available outside of the TURAS partner cities. Any local authority interested in finding out more about TURAS results is invited to come along to this meeting or organise a one to one meeting on the afternoon of 7th with any of the SMEs or local authorities involved.
It is shaping up to be a very exciting session so we’ll keep you posted on what happens next… the full agenda for the event is available