Medium_optimized-wp_20160303_002 Picasso inspiring TURAS partners in Malaga

27 Oct 15:29

Roisin Byrne

TURAS partners surprised to bump into each other in an unplanned visit to the Picasso museum in Malaga following the close of the TURAS AGM

A lot of the TURAS partners were surprised to bump into each other in an unplanned visit to the Picasso museum in Malaga following the close of the TURAS annual general meeting (AGM) and dissemination event on 5-7th October 2015.

Perhaps this common interest in Picasso’s work is not so surprising though despite the different backgrounds of the TURAS partners. It seems to me, looking at Picasso’s sketch work that he was very brave, fully committed in attempting to capture his subject. Maybe we also need to be brave and relentless in our final year in this TURAS project, continuing our work and sharing it with others.
Marcus Collier, the TURAS coordinator, opened our AGM with the observation that building sustainability is the greatest living experiment of our time. The dynamic triad of Research/ Innovation/Demonstration is at the core of the TURAS process of building resilience. I thought Eva-Maria Stump from Stuttgart put it well when she said, our goals are the same, we want a better future for our children despite how we are all doing things differently.
Nick Ebbs presenting at Malaga’s Urban Observatory where we had our AGM.
Now in this final year of our project, we are building our activity units catalogue and with this we can share our work with other European local authorities. As the ten local authority partners in TURAS presented their work we saw themes of research and reflection moving into action and innovation with a real commitment in collaborative practice.
Our high level adviser Gerrit Knaap from the US, closed with the remark that we do nothing alone – we need partnerships; that dissipating is not the same as implementing an Integrated Transition Strategy (ITS) and that transition is much longer term than five years.
Our AGM and public dissemination event was a fantastic and inspiring few days where all partners came together to share some of the huge body of work we are doing. Add to that how well we were looked after by our Malaga host team and we are all set for our final year of gathering in our harvest and packaging it before sending our work out into the world as demonstration of what can be done, when we collaborate together in academic, local authority and SME partnership to work with communities of interest to make, little by little a more sustainably harmonic way of being in our cities.
Osmos pitching TURAS strategies to stimulate place based economic sustainability.

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