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19 Nov 11:58

Lorna Kiamba

UoN SENSIBLE + TURAS Public Talk at Em-Power Nottingham

Em-power Nottingham Event

A public debate hosted by Em-Power Nottingham was held in the city of Nottingham on 4th November 2015. A large turnout was registered with many city residents eager to take part in a discussion surrounding the energy future of their city.
Speakers included Alan Simpson former Nottingham MP and now climate change advisor to the Welsh Assembly who talked about community energy projects in Germany in comparison to the UK scenario, Professor Mark Gillott and Dr Lucelia Rodrigues from the University of Nottingham who discussed TURAS in general and the MOZES community energy project in the Meadows, a representative for Councillor Alan Clark, the portfolio holder for Energy and Sustainability and Dr Anton Ianakiev of Nottingham Trent University who discussed the Remourban city demonstrator project in Nottingham.
Generally, the response was positive with the city residents keen to have more initiatives in the city that encouraged provision of community power. Hindrances to community grids or ‘local right to supply’ were discussed with a view to determine the next key steps that could be taken. It was acknowledged that whereas the council had taken great initial steps in tackling government power supply policy more needs to be done to set up similar type projects across the city.
Attendees, some of whom reside in the Meadows, were quite keen to know how they could get more involved in the ongoing MOZES community energy project or offshoots of the same. An invitation was made for the next TURAS event, a Meadows Community Focus event to be held on 30th November in the Meadows.
Dr. Lucelia Rodrigues gives a presentation on TURAS activities at the Nottingham Em-power event
Prof. Mark Gillott gives a presentation on the SENSIBLE community power initiative at the Nottingham Em-power event

Presenters responding to queries from attendees at the Nottingham Em-power event

Keywords: Alan Simpson, MOZES, Alan Clark, Remourban city demonstrator project in Nottingham, Locals right to energy supply,