Medium_03_picture_contact_person_silvia_weidenbacher_-_kopie German planning Experts recognize potential of TURAS green infrastructure solutions

02 Dec 09:58

Silvia Weidenbacher

Planning Experts discuss green solutions for adaption to climate change

Silvia Weidenbacher presenting at TURAS Dissemination at Conference “Climate friendly City- adaption strategies for open spaces” in Stuttgart, Germany (17.11.2015)
What is the potential of landscape design and green infrastructure to tackle the task of climate change adaption in cities? A large number of participants – urban and landscape planners as well as representatives from municipalities responded to the invitation of the German Federation of Landscape Architects (BDLA) to get up-to-date answers and to discuss this topic during the conference “Climate friendly city- adaption strategies for open spaces” in Stuttgart.
Speakers included Silvia Weidenbacher from the Verband Region Stuttgart who talked about TURAS and the “Green Living Room Ludwigsburg” demonstration site as well as about the research and demonstration projects from the University of East London concerning Green Roofs.
The audience acknowledged both approaches as compelling examples for nature based solutions with inherent multi-purpose benefits. Green walls and green roofs can mitigate the heat stress in cities, they contribute positively to urban biodiversity and they can reduce storm water run-off. Both can be installed in the densely build environment and thus contribute effectively to urban resilience.