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03 Dec 13:10

Lorna Kiamba

Meadows Community Focus Event and an Introduction to the Community Geo timeline!

Lucelia Rodrigues introducing TURAS at the Meadows Community Focus Event (Photograph: LK)

A public community focus event was hosted for the Meadows Community at the Portland Centre in the Meadows on 30th November 2015. This event was organised as part of the Meadows Community Energy Group (MOZES) AGM.

MOZES is local community company combating fuel poverty, promoting energy efficiency, local renewable green energy, and working towards reducing the local carbon emissions footprint in Nottingham. Read more about it here

The community focus event aimed to introduce TURAS, and to explain to residents what constitutes resilient neighbourhood. The main presenters included Lucelia Rodrigues, Laura Alvarez, both from the University of Nottingham and Aoife Corcoran from University College Dublin all of whom are part of the TURAS team.

Lucelia gave a presentation on the main goals of the TURAS project. She highlighted the role of community members and urged them to get involved in various initiatives that were working towards improving community resilience.

Lucelia then introduced Laura Alvarez who gave a presentation on her work on the Meadows Community. She noted that she had received an overwhelmingly positive response from the majority of community members and was keen to encourage many other such interactions. At the end of her presentation Laura presented an exciting video showcasing the Meadows growth and decline over time. It did a good job of highlighting the key vulnerabilities and strengths of the Meadows neighbourhood. The video was rich in Meadows history with many attendees commenting how much they had not known…perhaps a testament of the potential of this research! Laura was also keen to have community members highlight anything that they thought was of use to the study. Prof. Julian Marsh, architect, resident of the Meadows and chairman of MOZES, was at hand to offer some old photos up!

Next, Aoife launched the Meadows geo timeline to the community members. The geo timeline is now live and running on where community members can now interact. Aoife explained how others in the community could, and indeed should, get involved in inputting their own ‘memories’ or perspectives of the Meadows. A sign-up sheet was circulated for those who were interested in having a one-on-one meeting with Aoife during one of the planned focus group events.

Lucelia Rodrigues ended the TURAS presentation by highlighting the need for all the stakeholders to be involved in charting a better future for the community.
Feedback from the community Members was positive with many noting that they would like to get involved!

Laura Alvarez gives her presentation on the Meadows. (Photograph: LK)

Meadows community members watch a video presentation highlighting the key vulnerabilities and strengths of the Meadows neighbourhood. (Photograph: LK)

Aoife Corcoran launches the Meadows geo timeline. (Photograph: LK)
Prof. Mark Gillott encourages people to sign up for a planned visit to examine wind turbines. (Photograph: LK)

Keywords: Combating fuel poverty, reducing carbon emissions locally,