Medium_optimized-wp_20160303_002 TURAS Observation sites in the Liberties Area Weaver Park and Bridgefoot Street

23 Mar 16:49

Roisin Byrne

An observation site, to investigate if social resilience building can spread.


Part of the Liberties EIP communities of interest includes SkateD8 who morphed into Cork Street Park Campaign; they lobbied for a place to skate and a park in Cork Street.

Bridgefoot Street vacant site has a history of activity and an easily felt sense of ownership by the local community. Many of the activities have been socially and ecologically important for the local area.

Within the Liberties Environmental Improvement Plan, Bridgefoot Street has, like Cork Street Park (Weaver Park) been designated as a neighbourhood park with the possibility of social housing on part of the site. The neighbourhood designation has been given because of the lack of available green space in the Liberties area, and the substantial size of the site, and the Grass roots moments evident at those locations.

The Cork Street Park had the advantage of a very strong lobby group, beginning with SkateD8 who morphed into the Cork Street Park campaign, ran events, feasibility studies, public consultations and meetings, eventually leading to the site being designated as a parks and recreation project.

On the 29.4.15 a public consultation meeting for Cork Street Park was held in Fumbelly Café. The café was completely packed and around several tables people from widely varying backgrounds drew on blank maps of the site what they would like to happen.(85 people attended) A budget is in place for Weaver Park to be created and so the Landscape Architect Ait Urbanisim + Landscape are now drawing up a first version of the plans to bring back to the neighbourhood, sometime in the summer, where after further consensus is agreed the plans will go through a final edit before going out to tender, with building due in autumn winter.

Can this happen for Bridgefoot Street?

Can grassroots collaborative placemaking projects in the form of light (small/under the radar) pop-up events contribute to placemaking for Bridgefoot Street, strengthening its sense of ownership to include the wider Liberties area by running performances for and by the people of the local and neighbourhood?

Experiments and installations should have
Site specificity at the core.
Site specific… what is that?
In landscape architecture we refer to
Genius loci often defined as
‘The distinctive atmosphere or pervading spirit of a place’.
Place = The Liberties.
Stage = The Bridgefoot site.
Ideas include blurring the art like between artist and the Liberties people.

As a landscape architect + research assistant part of my role as a TURAS partner is to document the process of activation by communities of interest on the Weaver Park and Bridgefoot Street projects.