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Medium_optimized-wp_20160303_002 Paris accord and TURAS

22 Feb 12:22

Roisin Byrne

What are the connections between the meeting requirements of the Paris climate action agreement and TURAS solutions?

Dublin marchers on the 29 11 2015 (Image Johanna Varghese)
The Paris agreement on climate action was signed by 195 countries on December 12, 2015. To many climate activists including the 5000 plus who marched in Dublin on the 29th of November 2015 the agreement marked a historic day in our global history. The agreement is a testament to the endeavors of the participating countries who will now transition to a fossil free society, aiming to keep our global temperature to a maximum 2°C rise above pre-industrial revolution levels.

Now the real work is on implementing the agreements. We know climate change already affects our cities with a number of solutions to mitigate and adapt to climate change already being developed and implemented. TURAS solutions contribute to this.

A wonan wheeling her tree, on the Dublin climate march 29 11 2015 (Image Johanna Varghese)

Thinking of earth as an interconnected system which we are all part of helps us to consider that solutions for climate action must encompass all parts of our life. This is illustrated by Dr. Cara Augustenborg in her TEDxUCD Talk, Fossil Free Ireland. She considered what a future generation living without fossil fuels might look like. Dr. Augustenborg considered this as a jigsaw with many different elements, for example what kind of house we live in? How our energy might be supplied? What our transport networks might look like and so on. She illustrated examples of good practice.

Siobhan McQuaid from EBN, a partner in the TURAS project notes that TURAS contributes on 2 levels, harnessing the power of one through innovative collaboration methodologies, which engage communities and raise awareness of how local communities can contribute to climate action. We are fortunate in TURAS to have partners who have expertise in many areas of climate action for example in green infrastructure solutions such as green walls and living rooms which help to offset the heat island effect and contribute to flood management through rain water attenuation.

TURAS interventions and monitoring solutions combine the expertise of researchers and innovators into practical solutions implemented by local authorities through collaboration with the community who have the knowledge of what is required and will work in their own locality. Scrolling down to our resources page you will find many solutions which will contribute to European cities meeting the targets of the Paris climate agreements. In TURAS there is a heavy emphasis on community and capacity building.

The view of Dr. Marcus Collier, from UCD the coordinator of the TURAS project, is that through community empowerment communities become inspired to be climate activists. TURAS solutions are innovative and cover a broad range of mitigation and adaption measures on Flooding and Green Infrastructure, multiple community solutions, Agricultural solutions, Urban waste solutions, economy solutions and methods of measuring and monitoring, increasing value to existing resilience solutions.
Marchers in Dublin 29 11 2015 (Image Johanna Varghese)

Marchers in Dublin 29 11 2015 (Image Johanna Varghese)