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Medium_anja_dittmann_2 Green Living Room come 2nd in EUGIC 2015 Award (Authors Anja Dittmann and Roisin Byrne)

23 Feb 09:50

Anja Dittmann

TURAS partner Helix Pflanzensysteme GmbH and Verband Region Stuttgart have won 2nd in the EUGIC 2015 Award for Green Living Room project.

Helix Pflnzensysteme GmbH Living Wall construction (Image Helix Pflnzensysteme GmbH )
The first European Urban Green Infrastructure Conference (EUGIC) took place in Vienna in 2015.
The conference celebrates nature- based solutions for cities addressing issues related to climate change, biodiversity loss, water and energy management, health and community – and looking at how existing and emerging nature-based solutions can help address these challenges. Leading urban green infrastructure experts from policy, planning, design, implementation and monitoring, shared knowledge and experience on how working with nature is vital to creating cities that are resilient in the 21st Century.

Helix Pflnzensysteme GmbH Living Wall detail (Image Helix Pflnzensysteme GmbH )

The judges described the Green Living Room project as having “Great ambition, dealing with multitude of Green Infrastructure issues” and suggested that “this could be one of the building blocks of future cities in Europe.”

Helix is very proud of winning that price. As a developer and provider of innovative and modern plant systems and technologies for sustainable cities, it´s good to get the confirmation that plant solutions for a healthier and more livable environment get more in focus.

The Green Living Room is a local intervention against the urban heat island effect which was piloted during TURAS in the city of Ludwigsburg. It also forms part of the TURAS concept of urban comfort zones. The Green Living Room has been measured to produce 220kg of oxygen per annum, filter harmful dust partials, and humidify the atmosphere. Consisting of several thousand plants the green living room provided a habitat for many useful insects. Scientists from the University of Stuttgart are measuring and documenting the diverse benefits of the structure.

See the online video for more information.

or register online for updates on the Green Living Room mobile roadshow which will be visiting different European cities later this year.

Helix Pflnzensysteme GmbH Living Wall (Image Helix Pflnzensysteme GmbH )

Helix Pflnzensysteme GmbH Living Wall (Image Helix Pflnzensysteme GmbH )

Helix Pflnzensysteme GmbH Living Wall (Image Helix Pflnzensysteme GmbH )

Keywords: Prize for Green Innovation, Prize for Green Living walls.