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02 Jun 12:28

Rayanna Mendonça

Bridgefoot Park: a student perspective on community planning in action

UCD Landscape architecture students on the Bridgefoot Street site preparing the Pop up intervention. Image Hélène Copin, UCD Landscape Architecture Site Specific Design module student

An empty site located on Bridgefoot Street, Dublin 8, is a place of great interest for the local community because of the potential it brings to the area. Since 2006, the site has been the subject of much discussion and different architectural and landscape proposals have been put forward. After the demolition of old social housing the first idea to emerge was to build a mixed use development with new social housing (2/3 of the site) and a park. Since then a proposal to create a park using the whole site is being developed in accordance with the community’s interests and the lack of quality green spaces in this area of the Liberties in inner city Dublin.

In March 2016, a ‘Pop-Up’ event was organized by Roisin Byrne, Sophie von Maltzan and UCD students aiming to attract people to the place and make them aware of the great potential of the site to create something valuable for their community. The event consisted basically of a low cost artistic intervention, with chalk paint on the ground surface, pallets transformed into small structures for people sitting and colourful tapes and balloons attached to the fence as a way to attract attention to the site. All the intervention was based on the history of the site and in accordance with the desires of the locals. The contact with the community and the understanding of their main needs were the guiding principles for the development of the final proposals. The whole process proved quite interesting and educational because it allowed us as students to use creativity and imagination to offer something different for this site, and it showed us the importance of dialogue and constant interaction with the future users of the site, making the most of what this area has to offer for the benefit of the local population. The event also showed how important it is to highlight the possibilities and benefits for the community and that a small and simple intervention makes all the difference to raise awareness among the public about their rights to claim their space in the city.

Bridgefoot Park community campaign activity

UCD Landscape Architecture Student Site Specific Pop Up Event
at Bridgefoot Street. TURAS Report May 2016.

A passerby notices the intervention. Image by Hélène Copin, UCD Landscape Architecture Site Specific Design module student

The intervention with wish labels is ready! Image by Larissa Paiva; UCD Landscape Architecture Site Specific Design module student
Childern play on the interventions. Image by Hélène Copin; UCD Landscape Architecture Site Specific Design module student
People engaging with Dermot Foley Landscape Architects to begin conversation on what could be for the site Image by Rayanna Mendonça; UCD Landscape Architecture Site Specific Design module student

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