Medium_u_m5_1287 Good reviews at the Mobile Green Living Room preview in Bonn

14 Jul 07:30

Jonathan Müller

Strawberries from our Mobile Green Living Room were much appreciated at the Resilient Cities Conference in Bonn.

Participants enjoying the fruits of the TURAS Green Living Room

Finally the ‘Mobile Green Living Room’(MGLR) Roadshow has started: on July the 4th, the truck with the Mobile Green Living Room pulled up in front of the ‘Gustav-Stresemann Institut’ conference hotel in Bonn. For the consecutive four days, the MGLR was previewed as part of the ‘Resilient Cities Conference 2016’, Wthe world’s leading platform for urban resilience and climate adaptation“ (Ashok Sridharan, Mayor of the city of Bonn).

As the Mobile Green Living Room was located at the entrance of the conference, the international guests in particular noticed the lush green infrastructure element as they arrived at the congress. Many stopped to read more about TURAS and the intention behind the Mobile Green Living Room, or to sneak some delicious strawberries from it. As it was a very sunny few days, some used it as a quiet place to work outside in-between sessions or to take pictures in front of it. At one point, Gino van Begin, Secretary General of ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, even showed the Mobile Green Living Room to a Chinese delegation.

Lush Green on the Mobile Green Living Room

Having the Mobile Green Living Room in Bonn was a great success! Seeing people stopping by and showing interest was wonderful. On top of this, knowing now that all the transport aspects of the trip worked flawlessly, raises the anticipation for the official launch and main tour starting in mid-August.