Medium_optimized-wp_20160303_002 Community co-design first Neighborhood Park in the Liberties for 100 years.

18 Aug 17:40

Roisin Byrne

Lord Mayor of Dublin Críona Ní Dhálaigh presided over the sod-turning on the new Weaver park in the Liberties, Dublin 8, (24th June, 2016.)

Lord Mayor of Dublin Críona Ní Dhalaigh and local children all smiles as they turn the sod in Weaver Park.

The Lord mayor said “Weaver Park is the first park to be built in the Liberties in over 100 years. I am delighted to be here today to turn the sod on this wonderful public amenity, designed with the help of local residents.”

Indeed in April 2015 the present Lord Mayor was sitting at one of ten or so tables which could fit around eight people, all equal voices at the table in the Fumbly café. Eighty-five people attended that evening. They worked together designing concepts for the park on blank plans at the first community consultation design workshop. Since then a second workshop and planning process have occurred. Communications have been on going between Dublin City Council Parks and Landscape Services department, consultant designers Ait Urbanism and the campaign on the design of the park, particularly the skate opportunities elements.

But on site today, Rebecca Moynihan, local councilor who was instrumental in working with the campaign in building support both community and political for the park go ahead was in attendance, as was the local Imam, whose community also supported the campaign. The local children in attendance, along with Sandy Hazel, Colin Farmer, Douglas Carson of the Cork Street Park campaign were all smiles as they reached this milestone in their journey towards the day there will be ‘A Place to Skate in D8’ Colin Farmer said he was definitely looking forward to skating in the park, which is hoped will be open next summer.

Lord Mayor of Dublin Críona Ní Dhalaigh, Imam and Sandy Hazel.

Colin Farmer and Rebecca Moynihan.

Members of the design team in attendance of Weaver Park (Cork Street) turning the sod ceremony. Cinzia Salvatori, David Healy, Peter Leonard, Bruce Philips, Dabhi Mac Domhnaill and Colin Farmer.

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