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12 Jun 09:07

Jutta Knapp

The first call for ideas for the rolling programme Open Poplar has now been closed, the phase of reviewing what proposals have been received

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The Institute for Sustainability has supported the community of Poplar HARCA in East London over the last year under TURAS by helping them to design, develop and realise the rolling programme ‘Open Poplar’. This programme aims to revitalise derelict and underused assets, such as for example unused boiler rooms, garages and storage spaces, by calling for ideas and proposals for new uses.
After all the hard work and secret-keeping we were very excited to finally launch the ‘Open Poplar’ programme at the end of February with the first call for proposals closing on the 30th March 2015.
Calls for ideas will be repeated every six months with new spaces being offered for grabs in each round, which means that with ‘Open Poplar’, thousands of square meters of underused space in East London could soon be home to community groups, new business start-ups, arts organisations and more. While the official first call for submissions is now closed, Open Poplar is always open to ideas. Proposals can be submitted via the site at any time and if they are time sensitive they will be considered outside of the normal bidding period.

Open Poplar is part of the £2.1bn regeneration of Poplar that aims to ensure that the local community, alongside organisations from further afield, is part of the Poplar of the future.

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Even though the first round of calls is closed the homepage

will stay active and will be updated from time to time, so if you are interested in a space in east London it is recommended to keep an eye on the homepage and get ready for the next round opening up for proposals. The homepage showcases currently next to about 50 spaces across Poplar and Bow, inspirational examples, more background details and informative FAQs.

For us here at the Institute for Sustainability it will be exciting to hear back from Poplar HARCA all about how many and what kind of interesting proposals have come through, what ideas will be taken forward and how these individual ideas will be embedded and realised. Once gathered and agreed this will then hopefully all be reported back and shared with you in the next blog entry..Image credit

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