Workpackage 4 - Blogs


Green Living Room come 2nd in EUGIC 2015 Award (Authors Anja Dittmann and Roisin Byrne)

TURAS partner Helix Pflanzensysteme GmbH and Verband Region Stuttgart have won 2nd in the EUGIC 2015 Award for Green Living Room project.
Anja Dittmann

Paris accord and TURAS

What are the connections between the meeting requirements of the Paris climate action agreement and TURAS solutions?
Roisin Byrne

Living at the margins of Bengaluru's lakes: Untold stories of change, loss and hope

Marthe Derkzen (WP4) brought TURAS to India with a photo exhibition on urban lakes and people’s resilience to local environmental change.
Marthe Derkzen