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Continuous commissioning Tool

The aim of the continuous commissioning tool is to analyze monitored data and compare them in real-time with expected performance parameters, thresholds or previous monitored data. 

It is useful for energy managers and owners of shopping malls to understand the behavior of their buildings for energy, economic and comfort aspects. 

The continuous commissioning software can help wisely manage the building and timprove its performances. The visualization of the KPIs, defined in the deliverable 5.4, allows to compare different buildings, or the same building in different periods, underlining the importance of combining indoor environmental quality (IEQ) parameters and energy indicators.

The main objectives of the tool are: 

• Perform a continuous monitoring of the installed active systems; 

• Showing the real performance of the building according to the KPIs defined in the report KPIs and post-processing procedure

• Verify and communicate to operators faults or malfunctioning; 

• Always operate the building at its higher levels of IEQ and efficiency; 

• Analyze the impact of retrofit solutions.