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Work Package 6 - Demonstration and assessment

The objective of this WP is to demonstrate the effectiveness of the systemic retrofitting approach with respect to the solution-sets reducing energy needs (WP3) , enhancing energy efficiency (WP4) and tools and methods to implement deep retrofitting (WP5). 

Three demo cases in Italy, Spain and Norway have been selected based on their large replication potential both in terms of building architectural/technology features and climatic boundary conditions: Genova, Valladolid and Trondheim

The energy audit of the buildings will be performed through an analysis of the building and its equipment documentation to assess buildings shapes, technical specifications and develop monitoring plans and building models. 

For each demo-case a working group is responsible for overseeing the selection of retrofit measures and their timely and correct implementation. 

Retrofitting solutions will be manufactured and installed in the demo cases sites at the project mid-term. 

Because of the size of the buildings themselves, the possible specific needs of the renovations and the owner specific desires, the retrofitting will not be completely performed using CommONEnergy solutions. 

The retrofitting actions will be assessed from a) energy, b) environmental, c) indoor comfort, d) financial viability e) users and social acceptance points of view.

The expected results of the work package are:

  • Detailed auditing of the three demo cases before retrofitting.
  • Definition of the energy retrofitting concept for each demo-case, benefiting from the outcomes of WP3 to WP5.
  • Realization of the three buildings energy retrofitting. 
  • Commissioning of the solution and overall building retrofitting.
  • Assessment of performances after retrofitting and comparison with the baseline (before retrofitting).

Work Package leader: D'APPOLONIA