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Work Package 7 - Dissemination and exploitation

The communication objectives are to create awareness for the environmental, social and economic benefits of the energy-efficient retrofitting of shopping malls and to make these benefits visible/tangible by showcasing the pilot projects.

The project will play an active role in shaping EU policy by providing well-structured information on suitable retrofitting solutions for shopping malls, “icons of the consumerist society”, reflecting the challenges of the modern life styles and our societies.

Primary target group: Shopping centre stakeholders and policy makers

  • People working in shopping malls such as tenants, employees, services.
  • Building professionals and technical experts related to the planning and construction of shopping malls, such as contractors, architects, construction engineers, energy efficiency experts, energy auditors and managers, real estate managers and building professionals providing the energy-related technologies used in the buildings like heating and cooling, lighting, ventilation as well as the insulation materials and technologies and their respective associations at EU and MS level.
  • Policy makers at EU and MS level: Policymakers responsible in the field of buildings construction, buildings performance and energy consumption of buildings at all different levels from EU wide to national, regional and local.

Secondary target group: Energy efficiency in buildings community.

  • Research, academia & consultancies: Representatives from European universities, research institutes and consultancies actively involved in the development and implementation of national policies relating to the energy efficiency of buildings, working on the scientific and economic perspectives.
  • Broader energy efficiency in buildings community (consumer associations, NGO’s, financial institutions, etc.)

Tertiary target group: Non-specialists.

  • Media (scientific, peer reviewed publications, national specialized press, European and national industry magazines, local generic press (demo sites)).
  • Civil Society (shopping malls customers). 

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