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Work Package 4 - Solutions for enhancing energy efficiency

The objective of this work package is to define, design, integrate and control  a set of active technologies (energy management systems and local energy generation/storage solutions ) by providing a core control infrastructure (hardware and software) within existing shopping malls.

The intention is to increase the overall efficiency of shopping malls by implementing the control of the energy functions and fluxes of all the sub-systems: HVAC, Lighting, Refrigeration, Storage, RES, etc. (HVAC+L+R+S+…) and their smart integration with the local energy generation sources and the electrical grid. 

The main drivers for development will be:

  • Energy efficiency and recovery
  • Energy storage systems both for peak shaving and seasonal loads match
  • Indoor environmental quality
  • Low maintenance efforts and costs.

The specific objectives of this work package are to:

  • Define an integrative modelling environment including: (i) building (ii) HVAC and refrigeration systems and components (iii) day lighting/shading (iv) storages (v) RES technologies (vi) natural ventilation and infiltration. 
  • Define retrofitting energy system solutions and control algorithms, by exploiting technologies developed in the project through the use of the novel modelling environment.
  • Develop an intelligent Building Energy Management System (iBEMS) architecture and M&V procedures specific for shopping malls.
  • Elaborate business models and dynamic demand/response use of “local” smart grid by considering local renewable sources, local energy usage, local storage solutions and future smart grid integrations.
  • Produce concrete solutions and prototypes of recovery and control systems able to exchange data and energy within the shopping mall.
  • Develop set of new artificial lighting products for retail and perform scientific evaluation and documentation of the visual, emotional and energetic effects of new lighting concepts.
  • Develop a safe and economical charging solution allowing to charge shopping mall client electric vehicles.

Work Package leader: SCHNEIDER