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Environmental and social impact assessment tool

In the past few years, the awareness of human influence on environmental effects increased tremendously.

In order to reach the European environmental goals, it is important to develop new energy-efficient technologies as well as establish transparency on the construction market and make people aware of the energetic, environmental and social impacts of buildings.

To do so, the standardized Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)methodology serves as a basis. For CommONEnergy, generic LCA models for shopping centres were developed within the LCA expert software GaBi 6 to assess the environmental and social impacts. The models can be adapted to assess the impact of the refurbishment of other shopping centres within the EU27.


As an outcome, the following environmental impacts can be addressed over the entire lifecycle – from the resource extraction in mines, over the production of intermediates and the use phase until the end-of-life:

  • Global warming potential
  • Eutrophication potential
  • Acidification potential
  • Primary energy demand
  • Fresh water consumption
  • Etc.

but so do social aspects such as:

  • Labor rights and decent work
  • Health and Safety
  • Human rights
  • Governance
  • Etc.

A comprehensive description of the methodology and the tool will shortly be available in the CommONEnergy Report D5.6 and D5.7.