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Grosseto, Italy

Grosseto Maremà, for a sustainable mobility

In addition to the three demo cases, a fourth center was considered to implement technologies and solutions. Therefore, in Grosseto in Italy where a new shopping centre was opened, the focus was put on electrical mobility and storage integration. 

The system was installed in a new retail park in Grosseto, called Commercial Park Maremà, with two parking lots dedicated to electrical-cars and a charger station. 

Opposite the main entrance, two charging stations for electric vehicles are connected to a photovoltaic system installed on the roof (thus using renewable sources of energy), with a total power of 350 kW, from which 70 kW are dedicated to the charging of vehicles. These stations are part of an innovative and experimental charging system using the energy supplied by photovoltaic panels and stores it in a 48kWh battery storage system that powers the charging stations. 

The charging column was developed by Schneider Electric and the battery by Nilar. The installation uses: 

- Efficient new prototype batteries with a quick charging time (less than an hour for the total charge) and a modular assembly for volume applications; 

- Last generation charging-stations, fast type; 

- A control system to optimise the adjustment of the energy flows. 

The activity does not end with the implementation of the intervention: the operation will be monitored for one year and the data collected will be used for the development of this solution. 

A poster summarising this information is available in Italian.