The EU-funded project CommONEnergy aimed at turning shopping centres into temples of energy conservation and high indoor environmental quality. It gathers 23 partners representing various industry stakeholders, as well as research and academia from ten European countries.

CommONEnergy project ended September 30, 2017. For further information please contact the Coordinator Roberto Lollini at the following email:

Spain - “Mercado del Val", a local market situated in the old town of Valladolid: the deep retrofitting allowed focusing on ventilation, natural lighting and more, while conserving the historical inheritance. Read more…

Norway - “CitySyd”, a suburban shopping centre built on the outskirts of Trondheim, and one of the largest malls in central Norway. Focus was put on lighting, ventilation and a building management system (iBEMS). Read more…

Italy - Modena Canaletto is located in a residential area, close to the train station and city centre. The renovation works focused on lighting strategies, HVAC and refrigeration, as was as solar energy.

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Medium 33e0e3b by BPIE

The project CommONEnergy (2013-2017) focuses on transforming shopping centres into energy efficient and high-indoor-environmental-quality buildings, by developing smart renovation strategies and solutions supporting their implementation and assessing their environmental and social impact. Discover the technologies and solutions, as well as the demo cases, in this short video, also available with Italian, Norwegian and Spanish subtitles.

• 3 demo cases, 8 reference buildings & 23 partners from across Europe

• 25 technologies developed and installed in 4 years

• Up to 75% reduction of energy demand, leading to costs reduction

• A payback time of maximum 7 years

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