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Integrated project strategies

Place based strategies

    One of the big long-term development goals of Sofia is the resilient and sustainable polycentric urbanization at the metropolitan level based on existing settlements and limitation of the promiscuous consumption of land. Retaining the population of smaller towns and villages of the Northern part of Sofia municipality and attracting new investments there is very important. Introducing better regulated and innovative governance approaches for obtaining trust and involvement of the local community is at the core of a strategic tool set for achieving this big mid- to long-term goal.
    To turn environmental challenges into economic opportunities, the regional administration for environment and energy mandated by the Brussels Region government adopted new roles of facilitating and coordinating bottom-up and top-down approaches. Together with agencies in charge of the region’s economic development and other public administrations from the Brussels region it co-elaborated a development concept in which environmental and economic issues are closely connected. Two large programmes have structured the transition: the Employment-Environment Alliance and the Regional Circular Economy Plan.
    Amidst resource scarcity, Nottingham understands the need to build housing which adapts to climate change as a tool for the regeneration of derelict sites and the provision of sustainable, affordable and aspirational housing.
    A multi-actor process of co-creating a blueprint for socioeconomic and environmental development decreasing the high unemployment rate in the Málaga region.
    The “Landschaftspark Region Stuttgart” understands multifunctional green infrastructure as a locational factor, a basis for biodiversity enhancement and a tool for climate change adaptation
    As a Delta city Rotterdam will face several climate change effects like heat stress, intensifying rainfall, sea level rise. Proactively, the city turned over these possible threads towards opportunities to counteract climate change and - in the meantime - enhancing the quality of city life and improving the economical prospects of the city. Rotterdam will be climate proof!
    Housing need as a driver for the creation of an ecologically and socially rich and diverse neighbourhood
    To achieve regional goals we need to work together, cross-sectoral and coordinated at all levels of governance: national, regional and local. Thus obtained solutions are better and also easier to implement. It is important that all who will later have a function in the implementation of strategic tasks are involved in the preparation of the strategy from the beginning.