Integrated Design Process library

Below repository provides designers, owners and managers relevant information to start a shopping centre retrofitting process. The tool collects information about malls’ archetypes and specific technology features, as well as climate, social and urban contexts. First, peculiarities for each building are identified. Building energy simulation models are then used to identify the most suitable and economical solution-set and to estimate the relative energy savings, in order to ensure an effective investment, while effectively exploit, for each case, local natural sources and infrastructures. To contribute to the tool and feed the library with your retrofitted shopping centre’s data, get in touch with the project to receive a link to fill in the form. A reference document, including the methodology behind the tool is available.

Name Location
Brent Cross London (UK) Show
City Syd Trondheim (NO) Show
Coop Canaletto Modena (IT) Show
Coop Valbisagno Genua (IT) Show
Donauzentrum Wien (AT) Show
Ex officine Guglielmetti Genua (IT) Show
Grand Bazar Antwerp (BE) Show
Katane Catania (IT) Show
Mercado Del Val Valladolid (ES) Show
Pamarys Silute (LT) Show
Studlendas Klaipeda (LT) Show
Waasland Sint-Niklaas (BE) Show