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Reference person: Annamaria Belleri (EURAC)
Simulation report:

Reference building

Name: Katane
Location: Catania (IT)

General data

Urban context: suburban
Climate: CD
Building: purpose-built
Year of construction: 2009
Year of retrofit: -
GLA before retrofit [m²]: 27521
GLA after retrofit [m²]: -
Shopping centre size: Medium
Shopping centre sub-typology: regional
Food store format: hypermarket
Food store vending area [m²]: 8106
Tenants vending area [m²]: 13539
Common areas and galleries [m²]: 5167
Nr of opening hours per day [h/d]: 12.0
Nr of opening days per week [d/w]: 7
Nr of closing days per year (because of holidays) [d/y]: 4.5

Building features

Centre design: enclosed
Shape: 0.5
Orientation: SE/NW
Number of levels above ground: 2
Number of underground levels: 0
Parking location: ground and roof level
Number of parking levels: 2
Biologically active area [%]: 1%


Wall structure: pre-fabricated panels
Wall insulation location: interspace
Wall insulation material: oil derivatives
Wall U-value [W/m²K]: 0.336
WWR - north [%]: 44
WWR - east [%]: 11
WWR - south [%]: 19
WWR - west [%]: 30
Windows U-value [W/m²K]: 2.83
Window glazing g-value [-]: 0.76
Basement/Floor structure: pre-fabricated
Basement/Floor insulation location: none
Basement/Floor insulation material:
Basement/Floor thermal transmittance [W/m²K]: 1.336
Roof structure: plane - pre-fabricated
Roof insulation location: out
Roof insulation material: oil derivatives
Roof U-value [W/m²K]: 0.400
Vehicle accessible roof covering [%]: 38%
Green roof covering [%]: 0%
ST roof covering [%]: 0%
PV roof covering [%]: 0%
SRR [%]: 0%
Skylight U-value [W/m²K]: -
Skylight glazing g-value [-]: -

Technical room

Location: roof
BMS lighting [Y/N]: N
BMS natural ventilation [Y/N]: N
BMS refrigeration [Y/N]: N
BMS solar thermal system [Y/N]: N
BMS electric storage [Y/N]: N
Ventilation specific power [Wh/m³]: 0.70
Heat recovery thermal efficiency [%]: 60
SPF heating [-]: 3.40
SPF cooling [-]: 3.00

Common areas

Installed lighting power density [W/m²]: 20
Installed electric equipment power density [W/m²]: 10


Installed lighting power density [W/m²]: 80
Installed electric equipment power density [W/m²]: 10

Food store

Installed lighting power density [W/m²]: 25
Installed electric equipment power density [W/m²]: 21

Primary energy consumption

Lighting [kWh/m²-y]: 565
Refrigeration [kWh/m²-y]: 122
Plug loads [kWh/m²-y]: 104
HVAC [kWh/m²-y]: 652
Tot. primary energy [kWh/m²-y]: 1443

Carbon emissions

Carbon emissions [tonCO2eq]: 10120


Envelope ineff.1: Wrong paint or material on the exterior of the facility
Envelope ineff. 2: No thermal mass activation
Envelope ineff. 3: No shadings
Lighting ineff.1: Inefficient lamp technology and inefficient luminaires
Lighting ineff. 2: Competing lighting levels to attract customers
Lighting ineff. 3: Inefficient electronic control gear and lack of sub-system control division.
Refrigeration ineff. 1:
Refrigeration ineff. 2:
Refrigeration ineff. 3:
HVAC_general general ineff.: Lack of cogeneration or trigeneration
HVAC_general general ineff.: CSD and CAV systems
HVAC_heating heating ineff.:
HVAC_heating heating ineff.:
HVAC_cooling cooling ineff.: Missing TES
HVAC_cooling cooling ineff.: Regular chiller units without controls, condensers and compressors
HVAC_ventilation ventilation ineff.: Lack of bioclimatic solutions
HVAC_ventilation ventilation ineff.:

Retrofit solution set I

Solution set I ID: 7
Primary energy consumption [kWh/m²-y]: 491
Primary energy savings [%]: 58%
Carbon emissions tonCO2eq: 646
Carbon emission savings [%]: 58%
Investment cost [M€]: 2.051
Operational energy cost [k€/year]: 64
Pay-back time [years]: 5-1-6.8
Net Present Value [M€]: 1.951
Maintenance cost [k€/year]: 23

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