TURAS Visits New Partners in Taichung, Taiwan

15 Sep 11:52
Marcus Collier


2 new partners from Taiwan join TURAS - bringing unique expertise in GIS and augmented reality!

Dr. Marcus Collier paid a flying visit to the newest partners in Taichung, Taiwan on December 7th - 9th. The two new partners - GIS-FCU and SkyEyes - will be working with the project leader Professor Zorica Nedovič-Budič and Aoife Corcoran on Work Package 1. Marcus was shown around the state of the art GIS facility in Feng Chia University (FCU), which houses some 140 researchers, programmers and developers, and later treated to a marvelous traditional Taiwanese meal by the Director Jimmy (who is also on the TURAS High Level Advisory Board) and staff. Researchers Joshua and Daphne then treated Marcus to the sights and tastes of Taiwan, including a Chinese calligraphy lesson (pictured) by an Emeritus Profess of Agricultural science as well as visit to the mountains to see a Buddhist temple. TURAS is delighted to have Taichung on board and we are looking forward to growing our new relationship over the coming years.

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