Mayors Adapt - Promoting urban leadership in adaptation to climate change

15 Sep 11:49
Andreas Kress

Local authorities need to strengthen their resilience to the inevitable impacts of climate change. Climate Alliance is involved in the EU- Initiative Mayors Adapt, linked to the Covenant of Mayors and to the objectives of Turas (

We invite you to spread the word about the Mayors Adapt initiative in your networks, and to encourage potential signatory cities to join the initiative. The first Mayors Adapt signatories will be invited to the a high level Ceremony set to take place in Brussels on 7. October 2014 in the presence of the Commissioner Hedegaard.

There are also prospects for financing local climate change adaptation actions. At the launch event, Commissioner Hedegaard also announced that the first call for proposals under the new LIFE programme will encourage urban adaptation projects, in particular those linked to Mayors Adapt. This call will be launched later in 2014.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have further questions ( Please also feel free to pass on the contact details of the dedicated helpdesk to cities and other contacts, should they wish for more information.

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