New European Horizon 2020 grant will help develop a smart energy community at the Meadows

10 Nov 11:21
Lucelia Rodrigues

Prof Mark Gillott and Dr Lucelia Rodrigues, together with researchers from Power Electronics, Machines and Control Group have been awarded a grant worth over €1m as part of a €15m project by European Horizon 2020.

Led by Siemens in Germany, the project titled Storage Enabled Sustainable Energy for Buildings and Communities (SENSIBLE) aims to address the issues surrounding energy storage, both thermal and electrical, in homes and communities.

The University’s team will work closely with the local Meadows community, one of our TURaS case studies, in order to integrate energy storage solutions with the specific focus being in the socio-economic benefits that can be gained. This work will follow up on the first TURaS findings.

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