TURaS Green Wall competition launched in Stuttgart

15 Sep 11:52
Eva-Maria Stumpp


10 municipalities in the Greater Stuttgart Region have been invited to compete for the creation of an Urban Comfort Zone featuring Green Wall Infrastructure in their municipality.

The development of this Urban Comfort Zone will be funded through the TURaS project which aims to provide a new vision, strategy and toolkit for local authorities, researchers and communities to collaborate together to tackle the major challenges to sustainability and resilience facing our cities.
As climate change and rising temperatures will lead to heat stress especially in densely-populated areas all municipalities invited to participate in the competition are situated in the urban agglomeration. Urban Comfort Zones aim to improve bioclimatic conditions whereas the Green Wall also mitigates the urban CO2 footprint by using plants as construction material.
A call for expressions of interest to join the TURaS pilot action "Urban Comfort Zones – Green Wall" was circulated on February 17th 2012. Applications are expected until March 23rd 2012 and details of the results will be published on the TURaS website.

For more information please contact

Verband Region Stuttgart
Silvia Weidenbacher
Tel +49 711/22759-35
e-mail weidenbacher@region-stuttgart.org

Helix Pflanzen GmbH
Hans Müller
Tel +49 7154/8016-0
e-mail h.mueller@helix-pflanzen.de

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