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EC share new orientation towards Innovating Cities with Nature

15 Jan 13:08
Siobhan McQuaid


At the Turas "Resilient Cities" conference, Birgit De Boissezon, EC Head of Unit introduced the new orientation towards "Re-naturing Cities"

At the Turas "Resilient Cities" conference in Brussels on 13th January, Birgit De Boissezon, Head of Unit for Sustainable Management of Natural Resources at DG Research and Innovation introduced the new orientation of EU R&I policy which promotes nature-based solutions to societal challenges. She invited conference delegates to contribute their ideas for nature-based solutions that can tackle urban challenges such as climate change and related natural hazards as well as energy, water and resource efficiency, and thereby induce new local jobs, new investments and markets.

For more information and a copy of the presentation visit the resources section of the TURAS website

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