Derbyshire St Pocket Park designers Greysmith Associates win Landscape Insitute Award

26 Nov 17:00
Stuart Connop


@lukegreysmith and @TowerHamletsNow win #LIAwards for Derbyshire St Pocket Park

Derbyshire St Pocket Park designers Greysmith Associates win the 2015 Landscape Institute Award for Design for a Small Scale Development. Derbyshire St Pocket Pocket Park in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets was designed in partnership with the Local Authority to showcase the Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems Guidance that was developed in partnership with TURAS researchers at the University of East London's Sustainability Research Institute ( With a strong focus on biodiversity and multifunctionality, the guidance was designed to showcase solutions for high-density urban areas. Greysmith Associates brought the ideas within the guidance to life in this flagship pocket park, showcasing how the components recommended within the guidance could by brought together in under-used spaces. The pocket park now stands a showcase for SUDS design (

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