TURAS organizes curatorial planning workshops in Manziana (Lazio region, Italy) on the 17th and 18th of March

22 Feb 17:07
Patrick Van Den Abeele


TURAS will organize in Manziana (Lazio region in Italy) two consecutive days of workshops(17-18 march 2016)based on the curatorial planning approach.

These will bring together diverse local stakeholders including various members of the Universita Agraria, the municipality of Manziana, the Local Action Group Tuscia Romana, the regional authorities of Lazio? BicLazio and many others.

The objective of the event is to make headway towards the implementation of a place-based economy transition for the old industrial site "Solfatara of Manziana"

The local participants will engage in meaningful interactions among each other, but will also be exposed to the ideas and experiences of a group of international experts with different backgrounds.

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