TURAS Mobile Green Living Room previewed in ICLEI 2016

04 Jul 20:22
Siobhan McQuaid


The TURAS Mobile Green Roadshow arrives in Bonn for preview at ICLEI 2016 Resilient Cities Conference. Come, relax and smell the flowers:-)

Bonn, 5th July 2016: After 6 months of planning and 3 months of planting and construction, the TURAS Mobile Green Living Room finally arrived in Bonn for a special preview at the Open European Day at Resilient Cities 2016 organised by ICLEI. For one day only, climate adaption practitioners from 'forerunner' and 'beginner' cities will be able to visit this unique living room which is designed to enable citizens and communities to gain a better understanding of green infrastructure.

The Mobile Green Living Room is a model of one of the Green Infrastructure solutions coming from the TURAS FP7 project. TURAS stands for Transitioning towards Urban Resilience and Sustainability. It is an EU supported partnership which brings together policy-makers, communities, small businesses and researchers from 13 European countries to develop new ideas and solutions to make our cities more sustainable and resilient to climate change.

The TURAS Green Living Room provides many benefits for both local communities and the local environment:
• Increasing wildlife: providing wildflowers and supporting birds and insects such as bees
• Urban heat-island effect: it helps to reduce higher temperature in inner city areas
• Stormwater runoff: absorbs heavy rainfall from storms to reduce local flooding
• Reduces noise pollution: provides a sound barrier to create an oasis of calm in city centres
• Absorbs carbon: plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, improving air quality.

For more information on the Green Living Room which forms part of the Green Comfort Zone suite of solutions please visit www.turas-cities.eu

TURAS partners have also collaborated on developing integrated solutions addressing other major climate change issues including:
- Productive urban landscapes
- Energy solutions
- Circular economy
- Integrated flood management
- Balancing urban expansion
- Addressing growing communities
- Reusing the city
- Collaboration tools
- New spatial governance approaches

For further information on the Open European Day at Resilient Cities 2016

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