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Re-conceptualizing shopping malls through deep retrofitting

The main idea of CommONEnergy is to shift from single-action refurbishments to deep – energy performing - retrofitting. 

The basis for doing this is a systemic approach involving technology solution sets and innovative methods and tools:

  • Integrated design process guidelines, 
  • An integrative modelling environment, 
  • Energy-economic evaluation tools, 
  • Lean construction and management procedures, 
  • A continuous commissioning approach and
  • An environmental and sociocultural impact assessment.

The Systemic Retrofitting Approach (SRA) allows for achieving ambitious targets:
  • Up to factor 4 reduction of energy demand, 
  • Power peaks shaving and
  • 50% increasing share of renewable energy source favored by intelligent energy management and effective storage.

10 to 20 systemic solution-sets will be developed to allow for a wide replication of the demonstration cases.

The energy performances will be achieved with short pay-back times (below 7 years) and high indoor environmental quality, thanks to industrial conceptualization of the solutions and implementation tools.

Technical workshops will contribute to training skilled practitioners and to produce a domino effect maximizing the project benefits.

In addition, we intend to share the project benefits with a broad audience, and thereby hope to create awareness for the importance of a more sustainable consumer behavior.