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Work Package 3 - Reducing energy needs and greenhouse gas emissions

On the basis of the Retrofitting Drivers developed in WP2, the objective of WP3 is to define solutions for the energy need reduction of shopping malls considering in particular:

  • Possible exploitation of building context natural resources
  • Envelope and architectural optimization
  • Use of materials and components able to improve comfort, reduce energy and maintenance needs.

The specific objectives of this work package are to:

  • Define retrofitting architectural archetypes;
  • Define an Integrated Design Process (IDP)  library, to be populated with retrofitting solutions;
  • Optimize thermal zoning exploiting, ventilative cooling and unoccupied spaces;
  • Develop modular façade solutions that could be tailored to local climate and specific functions;
  • Define and assess solutions for green integration in shopping malls retrofitting;
  • Develop a new generation of nano-coating materials for enhancement of thermal characteristics of existing building together with self-cleaning properties, in a cost-effective way;
  • Optimize the harvesting of natural light to be exploited for building day lighting;
  • Develop thermo-acoustic envelope components.

Work Package leader: ACCIONA