“TURAS set out from the start to create a source of knowledge that can be used in the future.

Our objective was to work in a collaborative way with a variety of stakeholders to generate integrated solutions which could be applied in a cross-disciplinary way. The resulting solutions include perspectives from the community, local values and culture of TURAS partner cities.

The TURAS solutions catalogue distils the outcomes of three years of practical research pilots undertaken at individual city level and the preparation of local transition strategies for participating TURAS cities for learning and test purposes into a final user-friendly format for guiding non-partner cities through the development of their own transition strategies based on TURAS outputs.

The TURAS solutions focus on municipal and regional public stakeholders as the main user group potentially functioning as catalysts by facilitating the application of TURAS Solutions in diverse urban-regional contexts throughout Europe. Nonetheless, all products can also be accessed and used by individual and/or non-public actors interested in sustainability transitions.

In total there are 85 TURAS solutions which have been presented in four product categories:

  • 33 TURAS Tools
  • 10 Integrated Transition Projects
  • 32 TURAS Pilots
  • 10 Place-based Strategies”