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Work Package 5 - Systemic retrofitting solution-sets and methods

Work Package 5 is about developing a Systemic Retrofitting Approach (SRA) including systemic solution-sets and support tools and methods for implementation: 

  1. Design guidelines
  2. Commissioning approach
  3. Lean procedures
  4. Financial models 
  5. Replication potential.

The specific objectives of this work package are to:

  • Develop combined solution sets to be implemented in the demonstration activities;
  • Define a model for deciding the economic feasibility of shopping malls retrofitting alternatives;
  • Define a Lean Construction Management methodology for shopping mall retrofitting;
  • Develop continuous commissioning platform for an overall supervision of the shopping mall and grounded on the iBEMS developed in WP4;
  • Assess the environmental and socio-cultural impacts of different identified design and energy concepts;
  • Define an interactive web-tool allowing to select different scenarios at EU level to verify the full exploitation of the replication potential of different shopping mall typologies.

Work Package leader: EURAC