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Sustainability tool

Within CommONEnergy, two versions of a sustainability assessment were developed based on existing green building certification schemes:

  • Screening sustainability assessment
  • Complete sustainability assessment

In a first approach, a screening sustainability assessment tool was set up together with iiSBE Italia R&D to allow for a quick assessment of the planned refurbishment measures.


For the complete sustainability assessment, the method of the FP7 research project OPEN HOUSE was taken as basis and enhanced to fit the need of shopping centres.

Within an excel sheet, all needed information was summed up and could be entered by ticking boxes and drop-down selection menus. In some cases, detailed information (numeric values) had to be inserted, therefore, specific software tools were linked to the sheet (see environmental and social impact tool).

All in all, the tool helps planners and designers to address the sustainability of their rehabilitation measures and guides them to hot spot fields.

This allows the tool to support designers and shopping centre managers in their design choices and broadens the view from purely energy and monetary issues to sustainability ones.

A comprehensive description of the methodology and the tool will shortly be available in the CommONEnergy Report D6.5.