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The transition challenge

Effects of flooding of an urban area can have severe consequences: direct and indirect economical damage, casualties, social (urban) disruption. The effects of flooding can be devastating for urban developments, neighbourhoods, economy (even beyond city limits). Climate change leads to a further increase of the risk of flooding of the urban area and is therefore a possible threat to urban life.

The TURAS integrated approach

In order to increase resilience in the face of flood related catastrophic events, integral adaptation strategies are needed. These both encompass comprehensive impact assessment models and a combination of integral short and long term adaptation measures.


resilient infrastructure inclusive communities

Creating systemic Knowledge

In this integrated project, various modelling tools are available to simulate the water system and the urban system. Such modelling tools provide crucial insight into the hazard and exposure related to flood risk and enable to perform a-priori experiments on potential future impacts and the effect of adaptation measures.

  • ...understanding the potential green infrastructure has to buffer rainwater or aid in reducing flood consequences
    ...understanding current and potential capacity, barriers and drivers related to urban green infrastructure

  • ...understanding where urban sprawl may take place, and in what magnitude to relate this to how flood risk increases because of it
    ...better understanding the process of urban sprawl in order to be able to device measures against it

  • ...providing a case study area where multiple benefits can be monitored and quantified in reality

  • …gathering existing information about the (natural and socio-economic) system from different sectors/disciplines

  • ...providing quantitative monetary estimates of flood consequences and risk
    ...gaining insight into how the system works (e.g. which components contribute most to risk)

Developing shared visions

Tools are provided to bring together different stakeholders to develop a shared understanding of challenges and opportunities, and to generate feedback from the public to help define a vision with broad societal support.

  • ...including public participation in developing a widely supported vision for water management

  • ...activating and bringing together different actors and stakehoders during joint meetings to develop a common understanding of challenges and opportunities

  • ...engaging local communities/broad stakeholder groups in the UGI decision-making process

Developing integrated strategies

It is demonstrated how potential strategies can be devised in a participatory manner, providing building blocks for decision makers to choose from.

  • ...providing a tool to prioritize and evaluate different measures that form the building blocks of potential strategies
    ...quantifying the overall effect of a specific strategies

  • ...considering green infrastructure in flood risk management plans and understanding the added value it gives to the functioning of the city
    ...understanding decisions involved in the planning process, and sharing good practice in terms of planning, designing, installing and managing urban green infrastructure

  • ...providing a great example of an integrated measures with multiple co-benefits for the development of an overall flood risk management strategy

  • ...providing trends and changes on the urban fringe in order to integrate in adaptation strategies related to suburban development and flood risk management

Implementing transition activities

Multiple benefits associated with an implemented measure are shown, providing guidance on how to set up such pilot projects and demonstrating in practice that adaptation measures can do more for society beyond protection from flood waters.

  • ...provinding valuable lessons learned on how to set up a webGIS for participatory purposes on both technical issues and conceptual work flow

  • ...providing guidelines on how to set up a multi-benefit flood reservoir and demonstrating what it can look like in reality
    ...providing a site where visitors (professionals, general public) can be educated in the potential of such a reservoir


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