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Are you passionate? Committed? Curious?

Arctik is a human-sized company looking for talented people who make things happen. We operate within the heart of Europe and strive to meet European communication challenges by providing quality work. Our vision is to become the inspiration behind Europe as a brand.

Our clients are the European Institutions, Universities and Research centres as well as influential associations, think tanks, etc. 

We welcome capable and dynamic people, who collaborate selflessly and can face professional challenges with determination and a sense of humour!

What it takes

  • Service - Clients come first; they are our business partners. We hire people who are assiduous in building relationships under deadline pressure.
  • Passion - Our job is to change the World. We look for people who burn to bring new things into being.
  • Excellence - We strive for excellence in everything we do and cultivate innovation wherever and whenever it is possible.
  • Ethic - Working at EU level requires integrity and a strong set of ethics.
  • Green - While politically unbiased, the company is committed to the concept of sustainability.

Sounds interesting?  

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We currently have the following vacancies: