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Networking and debate  

An event provides a setting where opportunities are created and knowledge is shared between actors. It is an occasion to disseminate your message and collect insights from the participants.

Innovative, efficient networking and creative moderation are key aspects of the added value we provide. 

Tangible results! 

Arctik has developed a series of tools and services designed exclusively to ensure the success of your event. Whether it is a large conference, a workshop or a seminar, our team can oversee its conceptual, strategic and technical execution, as well as its targeted promotion. Our team has a wealth of experience in agenda development, secretarial tasks, event management.

Arctik strives to deliver innovative events that engage participants, clearly promote messages and, above all, produce genuine results. 

We offer more than the traditional concept of a 'business conference'. We embrace modern formats, featuring dynamic and interactive sessions, designed to encourage those present to make valuable contributions to the proceedings in the spirt of deliberative democracy. 

 Offering multimedia features 

With FishKill, Arctik's creative professional photographers and video producers, we can document your events and provide high-quality images for use in both online and print media.