How to communicate your environmental approach

Post guide de communication

Environmental consciousness and sustainable practices are today extremely important for companies. Public organisations such as Bruxelles Environnement strive to recognise those companies that commit to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices by awarding them the ‘Enterprise éco-dynamique’ label.

To communicate companies’ environmental efforts externally there must be improved internal communication among staff. Yet, how can companies’ environmental approaches be communicated to staff and stakeholders and how can they build an image that reflects their environmental and sustainable efforts?

Managing Director of Arctik, Cédric Hananel, has contributed to Bruxelles Environnement’s Guide de Communication/Communication Guide report, ‘Comment Communiquer sur votre démarche environnementale?’/’How to Communicate your environmental approach?’. By exploring how companies can communicate their sustainable image to staff and stakeholders and present their environmental achievements, the extensive methodology of the report gives insight into objectives and means of structuring environmental communication strategies for companies which appreciate sustainable practices.

The full report is available for free here.