Arctik's commitment to the Circular Economy

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The pressure is on for governments and private companies to transition to a low carbon, resource efficient economy and notably reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It is through EU programme’s such as Horizon2020, which demonstrably push for innovative and technology-driven projects, that this transition can be facilitated by implementing Circular Economy principles. Arctik has been leading the communication activities on such a project that will change the nature of waste water treatment: POWERSTEP.

Waste management will be a great determinant for a successful alteration of our economy to a Circular one and, so far, there is good progress in changing how municipalities deal with recyclable refuse. However, there is more to waste management than turning plastic bottles into clothing fibres so as to ensure less waste: Waste management sectors such as waste water treatment demand a great amount of energy to power their processes and POWERSTEP is completely changing how waste water treatment and the sourcing of its energy works.

POWERSTEP has recognised that wastewater contains a large amount of organic matter and chemical energy, which has the potential to be converted into usable, renewable energy. By doing this, there will be enough energy created to power the water treatment plant as well as a potential surplus. This will alter waste water treatment from a process which currently consumes 1% of the EU’s electricity demand to one that is in fact energy-positive and will power the process using the very waste it is treating. Alongside the technological processes, Arctik works on shifting the mental conception of waste by aiming to move away from the ‘negative’ perception of wastewater or sewage and advocating a ‘positive’ and resourceful vision for small and large cities anywhere in the World. As waste water treatment plant operators introduce innovative steps such as POWERSTEP technologies, (smart) cities will see their energy consumption decrease while also integrating in their heart, a Resource Factory.

POWERSTEP will help waste water treatment plants become resource efficient and energy positive through a number of different methods, with each method being used in different locations across Germany, Sweden and Denmark. Extracting carbon, removing nitrogen and employing the treatment of ammonia are just some of the methods which can be performed at different steps of waste water treatment. These will lead to plants being able to create energy from waste and convert it into usable energy. Arctik hopes that the realisation of the potential of waste water will lead to a wider use of waste as a resource of energy and be the driving force of the shift in the mental conception of waste, which will really inspire a Circular Economy.

With this, Arctik is committed to making the Circular Economy a reality. We pick up on the innovative solutions and ideas which will help businesses and organisations become resource efficient and our communication strategies and expertise supports transitions to a Circular Economy. By creating and running the communication of the POWERSTEP project, Arctik will continue to see through the project by involving stakeholders and providing unique communication activities that will help the project succeed in supporting Circular Economy principles. Arctik has been keen to engage policy makers, industry stakeholders and decision makers in municipalities and the media so as to ensure that POWERSTEP permanently enters the market – mentally, politically and physically – demonstrating that by supporting revolutionary technological processes, systemic change within our economy can actually occur.