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Arctik promotes Circular Economy on local and European levels

“Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed” (Antoine Lavoisier, 1774).

With this motto in mind, Arctik is promoting the circular economy by delivering strategic communication services for two recently launched initiatives:
Promotion of circular economy tools and policies (European Commission, Environment DG)
Programme Régional en Economie Circulaire – PREC (Bruxelles Environnement, Belgium)

Using tailored communications together with creative concepts and visuals, Arctik aims to show to businesses and citizens on local and European levels the host of new opportunities that the circular economy can offer.

Within the framework of its contract with the DG Environment, Arctik raises awareness and uptake of the European Commission’s circular economy instruments (EU Ecolabel, EMAS, GPP, Sustainable Buildings, ETV and PEF/OEF) and demonstrates their contributions to the Commission’s 10 priorities, including the agenda on jobs and growth.

Through developing a compelling branding strategy and an overarching narrative of transition to a circular economy, Arctik will present and communicate on the different circular economy instruments in the context of the EU’s policy priorities and connected initiatives and will illustrate the role each tool plays in the building of the circular economy.

To this end, the Arctik team is working on a range of key messages and undertaking a variety of targeted communication actions, including strategy, editorial work, social media, stakeholder engagement, web design, video and creative productions.

Circular Economy tools

Be circular!

Be Circular!

PREC (Brussels Regional Programme for a Circular Economy), Arctik’s other recently won circular economy contract, aims to turn environmental objectives into economic and employment opportunities, optimise resource and land use while creating added value in the Brussels Capital-Region.

Arctik leads the communications for this programme coordinated by three ministers and four regional administrative bodies, including Bruxelles Environnement, and oversees both the creative production (web design and development as well as photographic, audio-visual and graphic productions), and the mobilisation of the many concerned actors in Brussels.

Be Circular has an annual call for projects "be circular – be brussels" with a budget of €1,5 million in direct support to an innovative initiative or project which aims to move your core business towards a local circular economy.

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With these two new circular economy contracts, Arctik keeps on contributing towards the advancement of the circular economy in Europe, through promoting and facilitating the transition to this transformative opportunity.

Promotion of circular economy tools and policies Consortium: Arctik – Environmental communications, Technopolis Group (partner)

PREC Consortium: ECORES, 21 Solutions, Arctik – Environmental communications, Greenloop, PWC.