CLIMATE-FIT: Arctik’s new project helps cities tackle climate change

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As sweltering heatwaves hit cities across Europe, Arctik, together with 13 European partners, kicked off a new EU project on urban climate adaptation.

CLIMATE-FIT aims at encouraging a genuine market uptake of urban climate services in Europe; the end goal is to establish a European-wide service that, by means of a network of local business intermediaries, will translate the best available scientific urban climate data into added-value information for a wide range of actors in cities.

Arctik will lead the dissemination and marketing activities of this 30-month H2020 Innovation Action project. Our #CreativeArctik team will establish the project’s visual identity and branding as well as design the PUCS public website. A vast array of further outreach actions (media relations, social media engagement, workshops and training, roadshows, policy briefs, to name a few) will also be undertaken to maximise the project’s impact.

In addition to leading the project’s communications, Arctik will also coordinate the evaluation of the CLIMATE-FIT services that are to be implemented in the project’s sectoral demonstration cases. This will include establishing an objective evaluation framework for service evaluation and conducting interviews with end-users.

The first demonstration cases will be implemented in Antwerp, Barcelona, Bern, Prague, Rome and Vienna in the sectors of energy, cultural heritage, mobility, health and urban planning.



CLIMATE-FIT / PUCS is funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, SC5-01-2016-2017: Exploiting the added value of climate services

Consortium: VITO (Coordinator), Meteotest, Gisat, KU Leuven, ISGlobal, Joanneum Research, T6 Ecosystems, Arctik – Environmenal communication, Stad Antwerpen, BikeCityGuide Apps Gmbh, La Soprintendenza Speciale per il Colosseo e l’Area archeologica centrale di Roma, INES Energieplanung GmbH, Institut pro udržitelný rozvoj sídel z.s., Agencia de Salut Publica de Barcelona

Project duration: June 2017 – November 2019