New brochure: "EMAS as a driver of change"

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A new brochure by the European Commission highlights the good practices of the EMAS Awards 2019 laureates.

The EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) is a tool developed by the European Commission to reach its objectives for a greener Europe. 

Based on principles of performance, credibility and transparency, EMAS allows registered companies and organizations to benefit from an increased visibility on their eco initiatives, as well as a support to further improve their environmental performance.


The European Commission just published a brochure on « EMAS as driver of change » highlighting the best practices of the nominees for the EMAS Awards 2019. Ranging from micro to large organizations, public or private, eleven EMAS 2019 laureates are featured in the brochure, giving concrete and inspiring examples of change towards a more sustainable Europe.


Find out more about EMAS and how to register your organization:

Discover the brochure and the good practices from the EMAS Awards 2019 Laureates:

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