How to organise a remarkable online event - with less technical issues, and more interaction than you can imagine.

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How to keep on organising events in times of social distancing? Discover the solutions we developed during the lockdown!

The COVID-19 lockdown has proven quite challenging for events-organisers. And although countries are slowly easing restrictions, gathering more than a few dozen people in one single room will remain problematic for a while. So, what are the solutions to keep the show on the road in times of social distancing? We took this quarantine as an opportunity to get sharper skills in digital events organisation and put theory into practice with online pitching sessions.

BeCircular’s call for projects pitching sessions are a key part of the events we had planned in April and May. The deadline of the call for projects being set in June, and with so many SMEs and entrepreneurs feeling the strain of forced closures, the pitching sessions had to take place. So, the challenge was set: 4 parallel pitching rooms hosting a panel of 4 experts each, and more than 25 candidates to split and guide. It’s just the same as every year, but this time… online!

After assessing different platforms, we decided to go for the Zoom tool. The possibility to run up to 40 parallel meeting rooms, with a security entrance airlock and a handy placement system made the tool ideal to meet our needs. We ran several internal tests to make sure we mastered the ins-and-outs of the platform and its security options.

Thanks to a meticulous advance planning work, two people were enough to run the whole event live, from making the security checks and welcoming the participants, to assigning everyone in the right room, briefing the different people, making the technical checks and monitoring the time.

The event ran smoothly, with better time management and a more organised people guidance than for the previous editions. This might have opened a new way of organising the BeCircular pitching sessions. The clients are indeed considering this digital option for the next years.

Quarantine or not, it is sometimes easier and more environmentally friendly to gather together partners or providers in a digital way. Whether it is for a conference, a webinar, some B2B events or some pitching sessions, we can deliver efficient and easy-to-use solutions for all the needs.  

In the meantime, we’re shooting out of the starting blocks to host the second pitching session at the end of May !

Find out more about the BeCircular program here

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